Upscale living standards in Thu Duc City

The masterpiece of commercial complex and luxury apartments King Crown Infinity with outstanding values in architectural and landscape design is contributing to shaping the high-class living standards of the elite in Thu Duc City.

The symbol of the future city

As a project invested by the investor BCG Land with great enthusiasm for development with the desire to create a symbol for the new city, King Crown Infinity converges elements for real high-class life.

Thiết kế biểu tượng của King Crown Infinity

The iconic design of King Crown Infinity

Pioneering the use of Parametric design language with GFRC material – fiberglass-reinforced concrete, super hard, super durable, the project’s Apollo and Artemis twin towers with soft curves surpass the limits of conventional architectural shapes, becoming a symbol worthy of the status of the burial city. At night, the latest hologram technology from Korea along with perfect lighting art through the talented hands of Italian “artist” Tommaso Frizzale, giving King Crown Infinity a shimmering, fanciful beauty, promises to bring different, luxurious, and new vibes and experiences unprecedented in the East real estate market.

Located right on Vo Van Ngan arterial road, the project is located next to Vincom Shopping Center, 3 stations 6,7,8 of metro line 1, of which station 7 at University Village – New CBD (Central Business District) of Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc is only 500m from King Crown Infinity… More than a unique architectural complex located in a prime location with rich external facilities, King Crown Infinity is the symbol of the future technology city, worthy of the choice to settle down with its status and affirm its personal imprint for the elite.

Elevate your homestay experience

The project developer BCG Land believes that, in the context that the urban green space is gradually shrinking, owning a living environment in harmony with nature is an indispensable living need of the upper-class community.

Coming to King Crown Infinity, the elite can rest assured to fully enjoy the home resort experience in the resort-style apartment space – one of the new upmarket living trends, with designs that harmoniously combine all aspects between natural sunlight, air, green space, water surface and more than 25 premium internal facilities such as infinity pool, lazy river, jacuzzi pool, and entertainment areas…

Sống chuẩn nghỉ dưỡng tại gia mỗi ngày tại King Crown Infinity

Live at home every day at King Crown Infinity

In addition, the first indoor pedestrian street in Vietnam of King Crown Infinity has the sound of Namba Park in Osaka city (Japan) – a harmonious combination of green landscape, lake, waterfall creating a unique hanging garden. Transparent and closed 6 floors from basement B2 to floor 4 of the project, this “hanging garden” has the effect of reducing the temperature inside the building, bringing a source of fresh air and a source of wealth for the owner in terms of the East Asian feng shui concept – which is a factor that the upper-class community pays special attention to when choosing a place to live.

For them, an ideal place to live must own a prime location, convenient traffic connections, Feng Shui design, rich and classy interior and exterior facilities, and at the same time must ensure privacy for the owner. Understanding that, the investor BCG Land has spent heavily on a different living experience with 10 elevators (including 2 freight elevators) for a building, while each floor has only 15 apartments. In addition, the application of advanced Smart Home technology to the apartment facilities increases the comfortable and modern living experience according to 5-star standards for residents.

In addition, the project’s 3 parking basements have fire escape and fire prevention standards 1.5 times higher than the standards of current buildings, helping to make the escape distance shorter and safer. This is also the pioneer project to design the fire protection system according to the highest standards today – QCVN 06:2020/BXD.

Possessing an iconic design right at the heart of the East Saigon with high-class internal and external facilities, a masterpiece of a commercial complex, and King Crown Infinity luxury apartment is the center of perfect connection of modern planning values, bringing high-class living standards for the elite nuclear community to anticipate the future trend.

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