The secret to creating a classy living space at King Crown Infinity

Fresh green garden in the heart of the city

The old town in Dubrovnik – Croatia with outstanding buildings with Gothic and Roman architecture, La Rambla street in Barcelona – Spain with green trees shading the walkway, or the pedestrian street of Higashiyama district – Kyoto – Japan with its quiet, ancient features … have become famous landmarks attracting tourists from all over the world.

The project with the first indoor pedestrian street in Vietnam

In Vietnam, such pedestrian streets are also opening more and more, contributing significantly to the development of local tourism and promoting the retail and real estate industry in the vicinity. Therefore, the appearance of King Crown Infinity with the first indoor pedestrian street in Vietnam is expected to contribute to the revenue growth of the commercial shop at the project, attract a huge flow of shopping visitors as well as promote the potential for strong appreciation of real estate here.

Located right in the heart of the project with multi-story hanging garden art combined with water music, King Crown Infinity pedestrian street is a unique highlight that has never been seen in any project in Vietnam. The harmonious combination of hundreds of trees and moving water flows along with natural air brings fresh energy every day, a high-class resort living standard for the elite community here. .

An industry expert said that in the coming time, the luxury apartment segment will have many changes when focusing more on the resident’s experience, not simply providing modern facilities. There, residents will enjoy a relaxing space every day with an environmentally friendly lifestyle and closer to nature.

Understanding that, BCG Land has brought the whole natural garden into the project to satisfy the taste of the wise owners.

First distance, second convenience

For the upper class in society, a comfortable life within reach in a prime location, easy and convenient to move is a prerequisite when choosing a place to settle down. Located on two arterial roads of Thu Duc City, the residents of King Crown Infinity both easily connect with the vibrant life here and have a private space to rest and relax.

High-class internal facilities bring the standard of home resort living for residents here

System of more than 25 rich and classy internal facilities such as infinity pool, terrarium combined with loungers, landscape stream, anti-injury jogging track, jacuzzi… is also the plus points for a healthy and safe life that the elite are always looking for.

In addition, the floor plan of each building is airy with only 15 apartments on one floor and 10 elevators (including 2 freight elevators) to bring a more private and quiet space for residents.

An investor said that the appearance of King Crown Infinity will certainly contribute greatly to redefining the standard of living in the center of Thu Duc City. The project also creates an important foundation to promote future projects to invest more in local amenities, thereby setting new, more comfortable, and more worthy living standards for the area.

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