The highlight of the dual key apartment at King Crown Infinity project

The King Crown Infinity dual key apartment both meets the needs of buyers and can bring income from renting a part of the apartment.

Savills’ survey shows that Covid-19 brings many challenges to the rental real estate segment, but this is still considered a potential area when it is more resilient than other segments. Investment in rental properties increased by 58% from 2014-2019, much higher than 21% for the rest of the segments. These numbers show the growth potential of the rental real estate segment.

According to a representative of BCG Land, the apartment rental market will continue to keep its growth momentum in 2021. In a market of young population, with rapid urbanization like Ho Chi Minh City, there is always a great demand for apartments for rent to meet the population from other regions to live, study and work.

In fact, in central areas or places where many businesses, factories, offices, schools…, the demand for renting apartments has never cooled down. This demand also motivates many people to decide to invest in dual key apartments to increase profits and create a stable and long-term income stream.

“Dual key apartment model has a lot of potential for growth thanks to meeting the high demand for renting houses to live, study and work,” a representative of BCG Land assessed.

[Caption] Các căn hộ Dual Key đang mang đến giải pháp an cư - đầu tư hoàn hảo

Dual key apartments are bringing settlement and investment solutions to owners. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

For example, the King Crown Infinity project developed by BCG Land in Thu Duc City focuses on dual key product lines and a diverse utility ecosystem inside and outside the area, serving a variety of needs, building a comfortable lifestyle, modern.

With the development orientation of a highly interactive creative urban area, Thu Duc City is forecasted to become a gathering place for intellectuals, entrepreneurs, a team of domestic and foreign experts, creating a high demand for apartments. Located in the heart of Thu Duc city, King Crown Infinity dual key apartments are expected to attract investors and increase profits for owners when an apartment can be exploited for two purposes at the same time, both for living and for renting.

“The dual key model at King Crown Infinity helps owners ensure a private life and have a stable income stream thanks to renting a part of the apartment,” a BCG Land representative shared.

[Caption] ở hữu vị trí vàng ngay trung tâm Thành phố Thủ Đức, căn hộ King Crown Infinity được dự báo sẽ có thanh khoản tốt và tiềm năng tăng giá mạnh mẽ

Located in the heart of Thu Duc city, King Crown Infinity apartment is forecasted to have good liquidity and strong potential for price appreciation in the future. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

In addition to the prime location in the heart of Thu Duc City, the dual key apartments of King Crown Infinity ensure legality, are expected to have good liquidity and increase in value in the future.

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