Solution for large family with Dual Key apartment model

Located in the heart of the Creative City, King Crown Infinity is the perfect residence and investment choice for multi-generational elite families with the Dual Key apartment model.

Double key – double happiness
As a senior manager of an enterprise specializing in information technology in the Hi-Tech Park, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh wants to buy a Grade A apartment in the center of Thu Duc city to facilitate his work. The house has elderly parents who are retired, so the Dual Key apartment model is the choice Tuan Anh is most interested in.

“I have traveled to many Asian countries and found this apartment model very popular, in line with the cultural traditions of the Three Great Tang Dynasty and the Four Great Tang Dynasty of East Asians. As our family always wants to live next to our parents to have more time to take care of the elderly, so the Dual Key apartment model is the most reasonable choice”, Mr. Tuan Anh shared.

Mang đến không gian sống vừa chung vừa riêng, các căn hộ Dual Key là lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho những gia đình thượng lưu đa thế hệ

Dual Key apartments offer a shared and private living space, which is the perfect choice for multi-generational upper-class families.

In the context of strong urbanization with rapid population growth in big cities, Mr. Tuan Anh’s choice is also the trend of many traditional families today. With a living space that is both shared and private, both separate and harmonious, the Dual Key apartments help members easily care for each other but still ensure privacy for each object in the family, helping the family to be more complete and happy.
Besides meeting the perfect living space for multi-generational families, this apartment line on the other hand is also an attractive profitable investment option for quick investors, especially in the current sharing economy.

That is also the reason why even though it was just launched in the last days of 2020, the Dual Key apartments at King Crown Infinity have received a positive reception from the market. In particular, with smart design, owners can easily adjust from a Dual Key apartment into a large 2-bedroom apartment with full private functions: bedroom, living room, kitchen, private bathroom. This design helps homeowners to customize the apartment according to their own preferences and purposes: can stay in both apartments, or rent out both, or 1 apartment to stay in 1 unit for rent.

Outstanding utilities – raise the level
Strong investment in design and lighting system, along with more than 25 high-class internal utilities such as multi-story hanging garden, indoor walking street, anti-injury running track, infinity pool, lazy river and waterfall, lake jaccuzi…
King Crown Infinity is becoming one of the “hottest” projects to launch at the same time as Thu Duc city was officially established.

King Crown Infinity là chốn an cư xứng tầm cho các gia đình thượng lưu Việt

King Crown Infinity is a worthy residence for Vietnamese elite families

Possessing a prime location in the new city center – the heart of the real estate in the East, King Crown Infinity converges all the unprecedented golden amenities in Thu Duc as well as a synchronous system of surrounding utilities including:: hospitals, schools, churches, temples, commercial centers … fully meet the needs of all members of the extended family, from grandparents to children. All create a masterpiece of perfect settlement and investment in the East area, repositioning the living standard to the elite community here.

Not only favorably investing heavily in the green space and water surface, but the Dual Key King Crown Infinity apartments also meet the luxury living standard when there are only 15 apartments on 1 floor but are equipped with up to 10 elevators (including 2 freight elevators). In particular, the distance between the two towers is clear with many valuable views, raising the value of the apartment and the position of the owner.
Living next to each other, sharing moments of reunion, and sublimating experiences of a comfortable life while still ensuring a private and isolated space is what the Dual Key King Crown Infinity apartment brings to the elite family community.

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