Not selling m2 of area but selling green space utilities, King Crown Infinity attracts both real estate investors and buyers

Investment “crisis” for green space and utilities, King Crown Infinity is becoming the new phenomenon on the real estate market expected to redefine living standards to City Thu Duc.

The place where the dream of creation originates
Wishing to create a standard living value in the high-end real estate market, King Crown Infinity – Commercial complex and high-class apartments with Apollo – Artemis twin towers 30 floors is the project of BCG Land Joint Stock Company – Bamboo Capital Group’s members invest “huge” and methodically.

Landscape design with the philosophy of “Creating a green life”, BCG Land wishes to create a fresh microclimate environment, contributing to improving the quality of life of the resident community. In addition, the landscape art of the multi-story hanging garden combined with water music and the park helps each living space in the project be fully integrated with nature and greenery.

The harmonious combination of green space and water surface brings fresh and positive energy to residents

For the first time in Vietnam, a high-class project with an indoor pedestrian street inspired by Nam Ba Park of Osaka City – Japan will bring a new look to the luxury real estate segment. In addition, the commercial podium of the project is built with GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) material – a material that meets all levels of architectural complexity, high durability, and environmental friendliness in the world, helping the project not only be green outside but also in design, raise the living value and affirm the personal mark for the owner.

Focusing on the feng shui element in landscape design, King Crown Infinity offers apartments with immense views of the river on three sides and brings the artificial river right into the heart of the project. With landscaped lake inside 4 podium basements, adult pool, children’s pool, Jacuzzi, landscape stream, waterfall, art overflow pool, interactive lake…the project also creates a different highlight thanks to the lazy river with circulating dynamic water, connecting the swimming pools. Not only has the effect of cooling the air, improving health, the harmonious combination of green space and water surface at the project is also feng shui, is the source of prosperity, fertility, and fortune for the owners.

Redefining living standards to green living standards
An expert in the real estate industry said that with lands with a long history and stable population like Thu Duc district, people here are used to land-based real estate, an apartment project that wants to win their hearts must be properly and methodically invested. There, residents enjoy the top-notch services that the most advanced technology of the era brings and have to ensure the proximity, familiar as in townhouses, garden houses with green space right on the doorstep.

Perspective of King Crown Infinity project

However, the construction of green buildings, on average, will require an increase in investment capital of about 3-8% compared to normal investment. Therefore, only investors with enough heart and vision have enough potential and determination when choosing to participate in the segment of Grade A apartments in the Thu Duc market.

“Not selling houses measured in square meters, we create happy homes with spaces filled with green space and utilities, redefining the standard of luxury living in the Eastern market. There, every design and space is meticulously cared for, “tailored to make shoes” for the real needs of the elite community,” a representative of BCG Land shared.

In addition to the space filled with green space “IR – Integrated Resort” (Integrated Resort) to help owners enjoy a home vacation every day, more than 25 internal utilities, and a rich system of external facilities, smart building technology…also brings a comfortable, modern and classy life with “one step full of utilities” for future owners.

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