Italian light artist designed effects for the project in Thu Duc City

Lighting art performed by Tommaso Frizzale plays an important role in depicting and highlighting the architectural features of the King Crown Infinity project in Thu Duc City.
The Association of Professional Lighting Designers (IALD) believes that space is a dark canvas and light is a brushstroke to create harmonious colors. Therefore, the most famous architectural works in the world are devoted to the art of lighting, designed and implemented by artists.

According to experts, lighting design adds value to the building, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in profit potential. Light can deeply express and enrich the beauty of the building. However, in Vietnam, the lighting industry is still quite new and has not been invested much.

Currently, most of the exterior light of the buildings pursues the task of lighting, not creating a characteristic mark of the building. Themed light show effect is the own language of iconic buildings in the world, sending creative messages and imprinting them in the minds of viewers.

King Crown Infinity anh 1

The perfect combination of design and light language gives King Crown Infinity splendor.

According to a representative of BCG Land, with the goal of making King Crown Infinity the brightest project in the eastern real estate market, the check-in point everyone thinks of, the lighting solution is heavily invested. After many months of designing and researching with world-renowned lighting artist Tommaso Frizzale, the problem has been solved.

For a suitable plan for urban aesthetics during the day and brilliant effects at night, King Crown Infinity collaborated with lighting designer Sahvia and artist Tommaso Frizzale. In particular, Sahvia covers the markets of Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East. Architect Tommaso Frizzale is a prominent name with a series of impressive projects such as Xiamen Southeast International Shipping Center, China Zun – a 108-story skyscraper in Beijing, Opera house in Zhuhai (China) …

King Crown Infinity anh 2

The dance of light creates the unique charm of King Crown Infinity.

Inspired by the vibrant rhythm of the city and nature, Tommaso Frizzale designed a stylized performance lighting system from flower colors. According to Ho Dinh Chieu, General Director of The Five and Partners – the project design unit, the participation of this famous architect helps the project create a visual highlight and emotional connection. In addition, the individual lighting systems of each area such as apartments, commercial podiums, utilities, etc. are arranged in harmony and complement each other to create a uniform overall art.

The perfect combination of Parametric design language from GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) with unique light show promises to bring a different style. International material GFRC is also a feature of King Crown Infinity, making the twin towers softer with curving curves.

In addition, the outside of the shopping center at the project is equipped with a screen with new hologram technology from Korea – Anamorphic Illusion that allows the presentation of vivid 3D images. The delicate blend of design, color, and light not only helps the commercial podium bring shimmering beauty, but also attracts the crowded customer stream of Thu Duc city to visit and shop.

King Crown Infinity is expected to lead the real estate market of Thu Duc City, establish a quality ground for the area, and create a premise for the general development of future projects.

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