King Crown Infinity stands out with a series of high-class utilities

The King Crown Infinity complex aims to create new living values with a full experience through a diverse and high-class interior and exterior utility system.

Launching the market between Thu Duc city in particular and the East Saigon area, in general, is the focus of both buyers to settle down and investors, the King Crown Infinity project is strongly impressed by its prime location and tailored amenities for successful residents.

Increase your living experience with resort-style apartments

This is one of the most attention-grabbing high-end projects in the East Saigon area thanks to its integrated design with a variety of high-class internal utilities, bringing a lifestyle like a home resort every day to an elite community of residents. With a harmonious combination of green space and water surface, future owners of King Crown Infinity can fully enjoy every relaxing moment in the resort-style apartment space (Integrated Resort), one of the new living trends of the upper class.

King Crown Infinity đặt mục tiêu kiến tạo cuộc sống như nghỉ dưỡng mỗi ngày cho cư dân. Ảnh phối cảnh: BCG Land.

King Crown Infinity aims to create a daily resort-like life for residents. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

Taking care of each design, investing in each space corner, the project developer BCG Land believes that, with the upper-class community in society, owning a harmonious living environment, connecting with nature is an indispensable requirement in the context that the urban green space is gradually shrinking.

Realizing the dream of owning a house with a garden on the street, King Crown Infinity has invested heavily in a system of trees, waterfalls, and lakes arranged harmoniously throughout 6 floors. Inspired by Namba Park in Osaka city (Japan), the large green space from basement B2 to the 4th floor in the project cleverly creates a unique “indoor walking street”.

Accordingly, the green area and water surface right in the heart of the project not only bring fresh and cool living space for residents but also match the concept of feng shui of Asians.

Besides, not only bringing the infinity pool on the 5th floor, but the investor also arranges a “lazy river” that rotates connecting the internal “water circuits” of the pool, Jacuzzi…so that residents have more places to relax and reduce overload at peak hours.

“Thu Duc city center will soon make a strong breakthrough in the economy – culture – education – health – entertainment. This place will become the residence of the elite, domestic and foreign experts. We want to become one of the pioneers in creating new high-class living standards”, a representative of BCG Land shared.

Quality in every design detail

According to Mr. Ho Dinh Chieu – General Director of The Five and Partners, the project design unit, every design detail at King Crown Infinity is meticulously calculated to optimize light and natural atmosphere in each living space, optimize the design to suit the function, meeting the living experience needs of residents.

“That is the depth from the edge of the balcony to the farthest corner of the apartment must not exceed 8m. The project strictly adheres to the principle of taking advantage of light and air to help all rooms in the apartment be naturally lit, without dark corners or hidden corners. It is a remarkable effort of the development unit when taking care of residents’ health to the maximum,” explained Mr. Chieu.

Sự bổ trợ hài hòa giữa tiện ích nội khu và ngoại khu mang đến cho King Crown Infinity sự kết nối trong mọi lĩnh vực đời sống. Ảnh phối cảnh: BCG Land.

The harmonious support between internal and external utilities gives King Crown Infinity the connection in all areas of life. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

King Crown Infinity is equipped with three basements for parking with emergency exit and fire protection standards 1.5 times higher than regulations, making the escape distance shorter and safer. This is also one of the first projects to design a fire protection system according to the highest current QCVN 06:2020/BXD standards.

For successful residents, in addition to high-class internal facilities, privacy and safety are also important factors. Understanding that, King Crown Infinity arranged a ventilated floor plan with a very low density of apartments on one floor. The number of 16 elevators helps to minimize waiting time and increase privacy and isolation for residents.

Not only possessing high-class internal facilities, the resonance and complementation of a series of external utilities with traditional markets of Tu Duc and Vincom nearby, and a system of schools, hospitals, churches… around giving King Crown Infinity the values of sustainable settlement. The investor also proves the position of a leading unit when delicately arranging shopping, dining, and entertainment services with high-end fashion brands, contributing to bringing a diverse community of residents. variety in the selection of entertainment and entertainment services while helping to enhance the cultural and entertainment values of the whole Thu Duc area.

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