King Crown Infinity attracts investors on launch day

King Crown Infinity luxury apartment project attracted a large number of investors and buyers to stay interested in the launch date of January 23.

Held grandly and solemnly at Sheraton Saigon Hotel, the official introduction event of the King Crown Infinity project attracted a large number of investors, buyers to live in and a team of consultants from reputable exchanges in Ho Chi Minh City. The event marks the beginning of the Eastern real estate market in 2021, with the expectation of a successful development year.


A representative of BCG Land, the project developer, said, launched at the time of founding Thu Duc city, the business expects the project will blow new wind into the high-end real estate segment in Thu Duc area in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general.

“The project promises to establish a true high-end apartment standard, giving upper-class customers a wise choice to live and invest,” a representative of BCG Land shared.

Sự kiện giới thiệu chính thức King Crown Infinity thu hút sự quan tâm lớn từ toàn thị trường. Ảnh: BCG Land.

The official introduction event of King Crown Infinity attracted great interest from the whole market. Photo: BCG Land.

Although newly launched, the project has created a great buzz with the 30-story twin towers of Apollo and Artemis with iconic designs, located right in the center of Thu Duc city. Inspired by Zaha Hadid’s deconstructionist school of architecture, King Crown Infinity gives new urban architecture a new look.

Phần giới thiệu chuyên sâu về dự án nhận được nhiều sự quan tâm. Ảnh: BCG Land.

The in-depth introduction to the project received a lot of attention. Photo: BCG Land.

The project also resonated with the unique design of exterior lighting effects through the hands of Italian master lighting artist, Tommaso Frizzale. In addition, advanced construction material GFRC – environmentally friendly fiberglass reinforced concrete.


The launch event of King Crown Infinity made a strong impression on investors and buyers with its in-depth consultation on the outstanding facilities of the project. In which, investors are especially interested in the highlight of the indoor pedestrian street. Transparent and closed with 6 commercial floors, King Crown Infinity pedestrian street is a harmonious combination of trees, landscape lakes, and waterfalls to create a unique aerial garden.

Dự án thu hút mạnh mẽ bởi thiết kế ngập tràn không gian xanh. Ảnh phối cảnh: BCG Land.

The project is strongly attracted by its design filled with green space. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

This is also the first project that BCG Land deploys two BMUs (Building Maintenance Units) – professional high-rise building maintenance equipment, helping to maintain construction quality over time. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are few projects applying this model.

Mr. Ho Dinh Chieu – Director of The FIVE & Partners, the project designer, said that King Crown Infinity is also one of the first projects to design a fire protection system according to the highest standards today – QCVN 06:2020/BXD. Accordingly, the basement of the project has a standard of escape and fire protection that is 1.5 times higher than the standard of current buildings, making the escape distance shorter and safer.

Toàn cảnh King Crown Infinity. Ảnh phối cảnh: BCG Land.

Panoramic view of King Crown Infinity. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

With unique highlights along with a system of more than 25 high-class internal facilities such as an infinity pool, jacuzzi, children’s play area…, King Crown Infinity is considered a worthy residential and investment project in the East area of Ho Chi Minh City.

“In the context that Thu Duc real estate is heating up strongly after hitting the city, I believe that King Crown Infinity will be positively received by the market.” Mr. Ho Minh Tuan, an investor who attended the event shared.

Not only receiving in-depth consulting information about the project as well as construction progress and handover progress, but the guests also received valuable gifts from BCG Land, instead of gratitude to investors for their interest and trust in the project.

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