King Crown Infinity – a new living standard for Thu Duc residents

Possessing more than 25 high-class internal facilities, the luxury project King Crown Infinity promises to make residents who are familiar with mainland real estate in Thu Duc rethink their decision to choose their residence.

A recent report by shows that the number of households choosing to buy apartments to live in big cities across the country has increased by nearly 1.6 times compared to a decade ago. Particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, the percentage of households living in apartments increased by 67%, higher than in other cities in the country.

An industry expert said that most customers choose to buy apartments because they want to enjoy a diverse and self-contained internal utility system. There, residents are often provided with a full range of “all-in-one” services to meet essential needs such as dining, entertainment, entertainment, sports, etc. In particular, Grade A projects possessing a rich and high-class internal utility system such as King Crown Infinity are more and more popular with customers.

“Integrated Resort” at King Crown Infinity

First, it can be affirmed, few apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City invest “generously” in the area of water surface and trees as wide from the inside out as King Crown Infinity.

Sự kết hợp hài hòa giữa mảng xanh và mặt nước đem đến nguồn năng lượng tươi mới mỗi ngày cho cư dân King Crown Infinity

The harmonious combination of green area and water surface brings fresh energy every day to King Crown Infinity residents

With a system of trees, waterfalls, and lakes arranged harmoniously throughout 6 floors from basement B2 to floor 4, the project creates the first indoor pedestrian street in Vietnam, inspired by Nam Ba Park in Japan. In the context that current buildings are all mechanically ventilated, commercial centers are heavily dependent on central air conditioning systems, wasteful and isolated from nature, this indoor pedestrian street creates a vertical ventilation system, It not only reduces the temperature inside the building but also brings fresh and fresh air to residents.

Not only owns an infinity pool on the 5th floor designed enough for the Olympic half distance, the project also has a lazy river with dynamic water that connects swimming pools and Jacuzzi lakes for residents to have more space to relax and reduce overload at peak hours. No need to flee the city to find remote areas with trees and rivers, King Crown Infinity offers an ecological space for residents in the busy inner city.

Connecting people’s values

Along with the resort-standard internal utility system, King Crown Infinity is also cared for by the investor for utilities to serve the needs of fitness, sports, and community activities of residents.

Phối cảnh dự án King Crown Infinity

The perspective of King Crown Infinity project

In addition to the gym and yoga room, the project is invested with 2 standard jogging tracks with anti-impact and anti-injury friction composite, helping to ensure absolute safety for residents. In particular, the jogging track in the underground park is not only for internal residents but also for residents of the surrounding area. This is an investment that shows the investor’s mind and scope when he is willing to share services with the surrounding community, and at the same time has the effect of attracting neighboring residents to the project, helping commercial and service clusters here operate more efficiently.

Wishing to create a cohesive community of residents, the project also equips many common areas to help residents have more space for relaxation and entertainment such as a library, outdoor performance area, multi-function rooms for meeting, watching movies of each family.

Located in a golden position between the future city – Thu Duc city, King Crown Infinity is also oriented to become the new financial center of the Creative Urban Area, bringing together banking brands and financial institutions, investments on a large scale. The developer itself, BCG Land, is ready for a plan to renovate the residential market adjacent to the project, contributing to perfecting the urban beauty as well as stimulating tourism for the already bustling area. With a system of world-class facilities around, King Crown Infinity is an undeniable choice, bringing a modern, classy life, “a step full of conveniences” for the future upper-class community.

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