Investors pour capital into green real estate

Projects with a lot of green space and utilities are being interested in investors and homebuyers in the context of the increasing epidemic.

Green real estate reigns

Covid-19 as a catalyst to accelerate the trend of real estate selection of investors as well as real buyers. No longer focusing too much on price, homebuyers now tend to choose strong investment projects for green space and utilities.

The World Green Building Trends 2019 report published by Dodge Data & Analytics shows that Vietnamese people’s interest in healthy and healthy living spaces is currently 28%, higher than the national average. demand, second only to India, China, South Africa, and the United States.

Những dự án với nhiều không gian xanh và tiện ích đang được các nhà đầu tư quan tâm.

Projects with a lot of green space and utilities are being interested in investors.

Meanwhile, according to the information posted on the Nielsen website, the Covid-19 epidemic has caused significant changes in the behavior and habits of Vietnamese people. Specifically, 47% of consumers changed their eating habits, towards healthy foods, increasing the immune system; 60% changed entertainment and entertainment activities, limiting going to crowded places, especially bars and pubs. 70% of Vietnamese have reconsidered travel places.

These figures show that the awareness of protecting the health of themselves and their families has become the top concern of the people. Therefore, green real estate products, associated with health and close to nature are expected to attract customers soon. Especially for upper-class customers, investing in a vital space helps them regenerate energy after stressful working periods, not only helps relieve fatigue, but also a place to affirm the stature and personal mark. This is the reason why the high-end real estate segment that focuses on green space has attracted many investors’ eyes in recent years.

CBRE Vietnam’s market focus report in the first quarter of 2020 also shows that, when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, buyers and investors not only paid more attention to their homes but were also willing to give up their homes. money for the environment and living facilities around. They also put a lot of emphasis on the quality of project management, towards enhancing general hygiene practices and other health-related factors.

Opportunity for investors

Over the past time, the general market has been quiet due to the impact of Covid-19 but transactions on the market in the East of Ho Chi Minh City are still active. Most of the projects launched in the market at this time are mainly concentrated in District 2 and District 9.

DKRA’s third-quarter real estate market report shows that, in this quarter, the Grade A segment accounted for 87.2% of new supply, the consumption was also the highest compared to other segments with 4,537 units. In which, the East area contributes 77.6% of new supply and is also the area with the highest consumption rate with 4,171 units.

Dang Phuong Hang, CEO of CBRE Vietnam, said that in the context of Covid-19 and the long-term impact of licensing issues, the number of new projects is increasingly scarce in the market, reputable investors with products in this period will be positively received by the market. In addition, projects in the Eastern City that are the focus of the market’s attention in the past time will have a strong rebound after the epidemic is under control.

Besides the positive activities of District 2 and District 9, the impulse to promote the market also continued to form strongly in Thu Duc district, following the announcement of the grade 1 urban area. Currently, the central area of Thu Duc district appeared a million-dollar project aimed at a group of high-class customers.

Possessing a prime location right on the arterial road in the heart of the creative city, King Crown Infinity – a high-class apartment and commercial complex with 30-story twin towers is located next to Vincom Thu Duc. This is the enthusiastic project of BCG Land Joint Stock Company – a member of Bamboo Capital Group.

Phối cảnh dự án King Crown Infinity

The perspective of King Crown Infinity project.

With a unique design with a green ecosystem, harmonious feng shui, King Crown Infinity also attracts great attention from the market when owning an indoor “walking street”.

“With the goal of becoming a symbolic work of the East of the city, King Crown Infinity also promises to contribute to changing and promoting the appearance of Thu Duc area, redefining the standard of living as well as repositioning real estate investment tastes in the near future,” the investor said.

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