Green living space at King Crown Infinity apartment complex

King Crown Infinity designed a garden hanging in the air, a transparent indoor walking street, using environmentally friendly materials to bring green space for residents.

According to the representative of the investor BCG Land, the rich now aim to live a comfortable life, leading the technological trend but still being harmonious, close to nature, sustainable living, development must go with conservation, enjoyment comes with responsibility. At the same time, living green is not only planting a lot of trees but also the will and determination to create a safe green environment from the investor, companion partner, and consensus from the owner. Next is the use of environmentally friendly building materials, the design, construction, and operation processes must ensure optimal efficiency in the use of energy and resources, minimize environmental impact, and provide the best living environment for users.

“In the context of the increasingly narrow urban land fund, it is not easy to invest in such green buildings, requiring the mind and scope of the investor to be able to implement the project as expected.”, a representative of BCG Land shared.

Tòa tháp đôi cao 30 tầng của khu phức hợp King Crown Infinity. Ảnh phối cảnh: BCG Land.

The 30-story twin towers of the King Crown Infinity luxury apartment and commercial complex. Perspective photo: BCG Land.

To meet this demand, the investor BCG Land has spent a lot of enthusiasm and methodically invested in green space in the commercial complex and high-class apartment project King Crown Infinity. The project is located in the center of Thu Duc city including 30-story twin towers, inspired by the green space of Namba Park (Japan).

Accordingly, the investor has created a space filled with green with a garden hanging in the air, a transparent pedestrian street that closes with 6 commercial floors of the project. King Crown Infinity is also invested with GFRC green material system – environmentally friendly fiberglass reinforced concrete.

Không gian xanh tại King Crown Infinity lấy cảm hứng từ không gian xanh của Namba Park. Ảnh phối cảnh: BCG Land.

King Crown Infinity is inspired by the green space of Namba Park (Japan). Perspective photo: BCG Land.

GFRC is an unburnt, reusable, light-weight, super-hard, super-durable material, good sound insulation, easy to shape soft curves, meeting all requirements for architectural facades. Glass fiber reinforced concrete is also a sustainable material that can withstand the harsh effects of tropical weather, helping to increase the life of the building. The project uses reflective tempered double-glazed glass, both bringing aesthetic elements to the building, and reducing heat and noise, bringing a better quality of life for residents.

“We develop King Crown Infinity following the green trend right from the design and construction materials with the expectation of creating works that bring living standards for the upper class for the resident community,” said a representative of BCG Land.

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