The investor of the King Crown Infinity project held the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the King Crown Infinity commercial and luxury apartment complex gathered 1,000 consultants, promising to conquer the market in the East Saigon area.

The opening ceremony of the King Crown Infinity project took place on the morning of December 16 in Ho Chi Minh City, which was held magnificently and full of emotions with the theme “The Futuristic Signature – A symbol of creating the future”. The spirit of 1,000 salespeople from reputable distributors in Ho Chi Minh City contributes to “heating up” the real estate market at the end of the year and opens up new prospects for 2021.

Quy tụ hơn 1000 chiến binh sales, Lễ ra quân King Crown Infinity đang đốt nóng thị trường BĐS khu Đông

The opening ceremony of King Crown Infinity gathered more than 1,000 business professionals. Photo: BCG Land.

The opening ceremony of King Crown Infinity attracted attention in the real estate market in the East Saigon area when it was held in the midst of this area welcoming the “wave” of infrastructure, planning, and promoting strong real estate growth. Continuing that growth momentum, the event has inspired a large number of sales consultants, investors, and customers who are looking for a suitable place to live.

After a quiet period, consultants expect King Crown Infinity will contribute to making the market vibrant again at the end of the year, creating a stronger development momentum for 2021.

The highlight from the enthusiasm and creativity

With a scale of up to nearly 1.3 hectares, a commercial complex and high-class apartments with twin towers of 30 floors were cherished and devoted much attention to development by BCG Land Joint Stock Company – a member of Bamboo Capital Group. Possessing a “golden” position right on Vo Van Ngan arterial road in the middle of the “heart” of the creative city, King Crown Infinity is invested heavily and methodically, with the desire to create new living values in the high-end real estate market.

“We hope to turn this place into the starting place of construction dreams, a truly different and classy life but still with fresh green color, harmony with nature, bringing pride to the owner when owning a symbol of the future city”, a representative of BCG Land said.

Ông Nguyễn Khánh Duy - Giám đốc dự án King Crown Infinity chia sẻ những thông tin giá trị về dự án tại sự kiện

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duy – King Crown Infinity Project Manager shared valuable information about the project at the event. Photo: BCG Land.

The project to establish an indoor pedestrian street inspired by Nam Ba Park in Osaka, Japan, gives the luxury real estate segment a new look with a green architectural complex combined with a hanging garden with three-sided river views. Lighting technology outside the building, LED screen with Anamorphic Illusion technology pioneered in Vietnam, reflective double-layer glass technology…giving King Crown Infinity the symbolism of the new vitality of the creative city.

In addition, the commercial podium of the project is built with environmentally friendly and durable fiberglass-reinforced concrete, along with a system of more than 25 rich internal utilities, the project is not only luxurious on the outside but also classy inside, raising the living value and affirming the personal mark for the owner.

Expecting to become a future iconic project

Expected to become a symbol of the East of the city, King Crown Infinity with two 30-story towers Apollo and Artemis promises to contribute to changing and promoting the appearance of Thu Duc area, making this area a new focus of the high-end real estate market.

“We don’t just sell houses, we create homes with standard living values. There, the residents of King Crown Infinity will live peacefully and happily in a modern, fresh, and green environment with an elite, upper-class community of the same class,” a representative of BCG Land shared.

Phối cảnh dự án Phức hợp Thương mại & Căn hộ cao cấp King Crown Infinity.

The perspective of King Crown Infinity luxury apartment and commercial complex project. Photo: BCG Land.

Also at the ceremony, the investor provided valuable information about the project such as project quality, construction progress, implementation plan, sales policy, and attractive incentive programs. In addition, the units also conveyed enthusiasm, inspiration, and belief about the project through the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation. Accordingly, agents with elite specialists are the information ambassadors of the project, acting as a bridge, helping customers to deeply understand the value of the project.

In order to “inspire” thousands of business professionals with more strength, the investor has given valuable and practical gifts to lucky guests.

With highlights in design, landscape, product quality, and creativity in technology, King Crown Infinity is likened to a “new breeze” in the East Saigon real estate market, continuing to “take off”. for the area that is currently the focus of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City.

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