BCG Land: Sustainable development is a gift for future generations

Pursuing the goal of sustainable development and has been realized through a series of impressive projects, BCG Land is becoming a notable name in the real estate market over the past time.

BCG Land’s projects always invest heavily in green architecture

BCG Land – The name is “strange but familiar”One day in March 2018, the Board of Directors of Bamboo Capital Joint Stock Company (HoSE floor, code BCG) approved a resolution on the establishment of BCG Land Joint Stock Company (BCG Land).
In just over 2 years, BCG Land has continuously issued many bonds and adjusted its charter capital to increase sharply compared to the time of its establishment. The inflow of capital from bonds occurred in parallel with the business expansion of this enterprise, especially in the field of real estate investment.

Despite being a relatively new “rookie” in the market, with a solid multi-disciplinary background from the parent company Bamboo Capital, through secretive M&A deals, BCG Land has quickly owned a “collection” of real estate projects with a scale of thousands of billions of dong such as King Crown Village Thao Dien (HCMC), Malibu Hoi An, Casa Marina Resort Quy Nhon…or most recently, the King Crown Infinity luxury apartment and commercial complex project in the heart of Thu Duc city.

With a vision of sustainable development for future generations and building projects that change the face of the country, along with a strong financial foundation, BCG Land not only “revives” many projects, but also brings a whole new look and leaves a mark on any project this unit invests in. The right business strategy along with the long-term vision of an enterprise that puts the community’s interests together with every step of its development has helped BCG Land “surmount the storm” of Covid successfully. The proof is that right at the time when the market was almost “freezing”, this unit still regularly launches products in the high-end real estate segment and receives great attention, with a high absorption rate from the market.

With remarkable achievements, BCG Land has gradually affirmed its foothold in the real estate market, becoming a reputable and familiar investor with investors and high-class partners.

Fast but sustainable growth – BCG Land’s mark
At the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020 ceremony held in July in Ho Chi Minh City, BCG Land was honored to receive 2 awards “Vietnam’s leading sustainable real estate developer 2020” and
“The best resort villa and tourist complex in 2020” for Casa Marina Premium project.

Before that, another project of this enterprise, Malibu Hoi An, also received 2 awards “The best luxury beachfront resort project in Southeast Asia” and “The best-designed resort apartment project” in the Dot Property Asia Awards 2019. In addition, this project also received the award “Project with typical design” in the voting program “Typical Real Estate Vietnam 2019” organized by Nhip Cau Investment magazine.
Why is a rookie in the real estate market like BCG Land constantly receiving many prestigious awards? It is because of the sustainable development vision of this business.

King Crown Infinity mang cả phố đi bộ với khoảng không xanh mát vào trong lòng dự án

King Crown Infinity brings the whole pedestrian street with green space into the heart of the project

“Building with nature conservation, development with the responsibility to protect the environment and preserve for future generations is our motto when implementing any project. We are always concerned about how to make every step of the business leave a good mark in the hearts of the community and contribute to changing the face of the country”, a representative of BCG Land shared.

Sticking to that operating principle, BCG Land is one of the pioneers in using solar energy to operate projects and pursuing simple architecture, respecting and conserving nature, and applying the most advanced and environmentally friendly material technologies.

The new King Crown Infinity project “launched” by BCG Land in 2020 is also “imbued” with the philosophy of sustainable development when using building materials of the GFRC era – fiberglass reinforced concrete…ad green architecture with the first indoor pedestrian street in Vietnam through 6 commercial floors of the project. Not only taking care of the project, but BCG Land also makes practical contributions to the improvement of people’s lives, embellishing the neighborhood market area of King Crown Infinity to create a unified development. Sharing in common with harmonious benefits is also the business motto that BCG Land chooses for its journey to conquer the real estate market, not only today’s achievement but also a meaningful gift for future generations.

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